Ecosystem Strategy

The current global crisis will accelerate the movement of societies, corporations, and economies away from “leadership” and towards “communityship,” to use a term first coined by Henry Mintzberg (1). Ecosystems are an essential part of the move towards communityship. Each entity within an ecosystem can be – must be – is – a significant contributorContinue reading “Ecosystem Strategy”

Creating value during a slowdown

A production slowdown is a perfect opportunity to re-direct resources to mandates that generate strategic advantages and long-term, sustainable increases in profitability….in addition to cementing employee and customer loyalty. Here are five ideas that can be implemented virtually and which will create long-term value for your business. Ask that cross-functional groups co-develop innovative solutions toContinue reading “Creating value during a slowdown”

Business Development as fundamental to strategy

The terms “business development” and “sales” are sometimes used interchangeably. Although strong relationship building skills are a prerequisite of both sales and business development, they are distinct activities with very different objectives. “Sales” focuses on immediate commercial pursuits. In contrast, “Business Development” is a long game about building expanding existing markets and venturing into newContinue reading “Business Development as fundamental to strategy”

Small Business Strategy: Four tips

Strategic thinking and planning is a universal need for any organization, be it small or large, that wants to thrive in this rapidly changing world. Unfortunately, too often, small businesses skip this exercise. Those that do, though, report that setting aside time and resources to strategize gives them greater agility and provides a framework forContinue reading “Small Business Strategy: Four tips”

Bien collaborer avec un consultant: les Ă©lĂ©ments incontournables

J’ai rencontrĂ© de nombreuses approches diffĂ©rentes pour travailler avec des consultants. Il y a une diffĂ©rence entre les contrats, le conseil en processus et le conseil expert. Voici six astuces pour vous aider a bien collaborer avec votre consultant. DĂ©finissez les rĂ©sultats. Pensez Ă  ce que vous souhaitez retirer de votre collaboration avec ce consultant.Continue reading “Bien collaborer avec un consultant: les Ă©lĂ©ments incontournables”

Working with Consultants: essential tips

I’ve come across many different approaches to working with consultants. There’s a difference between contracting, process consulting and expert consulting. Either way, you’ll need to do these four things if you want to get the most value out of your consulting arrangements. Define outcomes. Think about what you want to get out of your collaboration withContinue reading “Working with Consultants: essential tips”