Opportunity. Implemented.

Do you want to develop a clear vision for your organization? Grow your business? Tackle some major challenges? Develop strategies with key partners? We can help.

We are seasoned professionals who can take your organization all the way from a vision to a clear, actionable execution plan.

Don’t have a vision? Don’t worry, we help with that too.

Our services include:

Strategy development

Strategic Planning

Program Management

Project Management

Organizational development

People Management

We combine decades of hands-on industry and leadership experience with the latest proven methodologies to tailor highly collaborative approaches that will work with your organization. We succeed by creating engagement, which creates momentum, which gets you to where you want to be.

What our clients have said:

“(Our collaboration) greatly contributed to the success of the division … Through mandates of transformation management and strategic planning, they delivered superior results in compliance with the codes, cultures and processes of the business…”

Widad Mas, Chief Advisor, Asset Management, VIA Rail

“…excellent skills in process design and

facilitation…helped us gain a deeper understanding of organizational issues and created a sense of unity between various stakeholders.”

Geneviève Robichaud, Vice President, Marketing, Polycor

“… your ability to understand the issues as well as your management, strategic and operational planning skills will help us achieve our objectives in an efficient manner …while living the values ​​of Desjardins.”

Nayla Feghali, Senior Director, Desjardins

About our founder

A seasoned executive and entrepreneur, Lesley Antoun has more than 25 years of experience in strategy, governance and program management with multinationals, private companies, non-profit organizations and First Nations organizations. Her experience extends to Board positions, as she was a director, and then chair, of a non-profit board of directors. An engineer with an MBA, Lesley has established a consulting practice that helps teams, executives and boards of directors significantly and sustainably improve their results. She is passionate about helping others succeed.

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